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the regis college chapel quilts

When Bobbie was asked to design the quilts for the chapel at Regis College in honor of its 70th birthday, she was given five themes. The first two quilts, which were to go on either side of the altar, would be designed as a pair and explain the history of the college and origin of the Sisters of St. Joseph. The third quilt celebrated the external beauty of Regis' campus. Student life was the theme of the fourth quilt and the fifth quilt was to include all the disciplines studied at the college.

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The commission was started in February of 1996 and completed the following year on the feast of St. Joseph, March 19th. The quilts were designed to echo the large arched windows in the chapel. Each quilt is 114 inches by 30 inches.

Bobbie also completed an antependium for the altar during the project. This quilt completes the sanctuary as it pulls colors from each of the first two quilts and blends them into each other within this design element.

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