landscape quilts

For many years now, Bobbie has been interpreting photographs of local scenes and travels into quilts. This literal approach makes her feel she is "painting" with fabric as she searches for cloth that shows textures from marshland to cool stone. The rendering of light and shadow, along with the tiny details of real life, give a sense of time and place. Trying to make the viewer feel they can walk along a lake, smell the tidal marsh or step into a forest is a constant challenge.

Embellishing these quilts with words, leaves, buttons and beads adds an element of surprise and delight as it instills reality along with fantasy.

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Barmouth EstuaryBarmouth Estuary, Wales
Fourth Cliff From ThirdFourth Cliff From Third
Grasmere ReflectedGrasmere Reflected
Langdale PikesLangdale Pikes
The Seven SistersThe Seven Sisters
The Walk From PortmerionThe Walk From Portmerion
Penn Hill, Yorkshire, EnglandPenn Hill, Yorkshire, England
Adare Abbey 36" x 41"Adare Abbey
Canyon Tree in Bryce 8"x16"Canyone Tree in Bryce
CrescentLakeVie16x24Crescent Lake View
Dad at Hampton Beach 1969 12x6Dad at Hampton Beach
From the Walls-Dubrovnik, Croatia 43x30From the Walls -
Dubrovnik, Croatia
The Swan 48x42The Swan